Tips on Finding Cheap Carpet Remnants

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Almost all of us have compared prices for carpet, and although the prices have come down significantly in the past few years, carpeting a house, large or small rooms is still not a cheap affair. Just like any other business, you’ll see great ads and sales saying they have the cheapest carpet in town and promising all sorts of great deals. Do you know what those ads are for? Ads are for getting customers into the store, not selling items! That is a fact of business, especially businesses like this or any other arena. Ads are simply to get people in the doors so the salesmen can sell them an add-on or something else entirely.  I just want to say that this is not entirely the case or a blanket statement of all carpet dealers. So if you’re a carpet salesman or own a carpet store, I’m sure you do offer great sales or deals. I know I’ve found some great deals as advertised, but I can also tell you that knowing certain sales tactics does help me become a more educated buyer…. I’m just sayin’ However, if you know what you are looking for, you can still find great deals on carpet and one of these deals is the carpet remnant!CarpetRemnant

First off, when most people hear the term “carpet remnant,” they immediately think it is discarded or a defective product. This is usually NOT the case. There are two ways in which carpet can become a remnant product. One is as the end of the original roll of carpet from the carpet mill and/or manufacturer. Many times the mill will cut off the last 5 to 30 feet of carpet in order to insure solid ends to the customer who ordered it, or they run past the length to make sure they have enough for the order. The carpet is simply left over and is as good as new. Many carpet warehouses bulk order this from the mill for extremely low prices and that is where we get it for a great deal!

The other scenario is pretty much the same in that the remnant carpet is left over from a large carpeting job or from a huge custom order in which all the carpet was simply not needed. The installer or carpet company usually offloads this again for a discounted price—sometimes called bound carpet remnants which basically means they’re already bound—and is still basically brand new. Additionally, many of these carpets are of extremely high quality. Most often the best deals you’ll find are on shorter length or more rugged typed carpets. This is due to the large amount of retail office space that is carpeted and the large amount of left-over remnants from these large jobs. Even if you have several rooms you want to carpet, often times you can get enough remnants to cover complete rooms with the same or complimentary carpet colors. And remember, most of the carpets are designed for commercial use so they are high quality and will stand up to high traffic.

Even if you’re not necessarily looking for office style carpet, you can still find some great deals on more luxurious styles as well, you just have to be a little more patient and know where to look. We’ve found the best way is to call a local carpet shop and ask if they have carpet remnants, then go look for yourself first hand. Although we’ve found some of the best deals are online. Many online carpet retailers will actually send you a sample of their remnants so be sure to ask. The trick in getting cheap carpet, or any cheap flooring for that matter, is not being afraid to ask questions and keep shopping until you get the size, style, and price that will fit within your budget.

Not only are carpet remnants as good as new, most often they will still have the manufacturers original warranty attached. But this is something you’ll want to make sure and check for as some do not extend their warranties to remnants, especially if they were bulk sold to wholesalers. There are also many good resources for finding carpet remnants online, so be sure to check that out and be aware of all your options for finding the best deals.

So the next time you need to carpet or re-carpet a room or small area, consider carpet remnants!

A look at the actual cost to install carpet – what to expect

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If your carpet has seen its last day, it may be time to install new carpet so you can refresh your home and give it new life.  Your flooring is a central focus whenever someone walks into your home.  If your carpet is staining or tearing, it will give the guest a bad impression from the start.  Some carpet just cannot be cleaned.  If you are wondering how much to install carpet, you have come to the right place.  Learn how much you can expect to pay for the project and budget properly so you can get the carpet you want a price you can afford.

The Cost of Removal

Before you can install the new, you have to get the old out.  Many homeowners fail to factor in the cost of old carpet removal when they are pricing the cost of installation.  You can remove the carpet yourself if you have some experience or you can hire professionals.  The average cost to remove carpet can be between 90 cents and $1.20 per square foot.  The price may vary depending on the cost for materials and labor in your area.

The Cost to Install the New Carpet

When you choose a carpet installer, you want to be sure you choose the best installer before you even start pricing the services.  The price in southern states is generally a lot lower than the price up north or to the west.  In the southern states, you will pay between $2.50 and $4.50 per yard for installation.  If you live in the northern states, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5.00 to $7.50 per yard.

Carpet Pad Installation

Another factor many people forget to consider is how much it costs to install the carpet pad.  Very few installers will add the cost for pad installation into the overall cost for installation.  Most installers will charge about 25% of the installation cost to install the pad under the actual carpet.  When you are requesting quotes, make sure you ask for a total quote instead of just asking of about the carpet.

There are several different factors you must consider when you are installing new carpet in any room or throughout your entire home.  Make sure you price the cost of removal, carpet, and pad installation, so you can budget properly.  Also factor in the cost of the carpet.  If you do your homework, you can choose the right professional installer.