What about Bound Carpet Remnants?

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Bound carpet remnants are remnants of carpet left when the warehouse has finished stopping a roll of carpet ordered or being sent out to wholesale or resellers. The best thing about getting carpet remnants is they’re just as good as the original carpet, there just isn’t (in most cases) as much of it. The term “bound carpet remnants” is really just another way of saying the same thing. It all refers to the same carpet that is left over, remnants. Bound simply suggests that the carpet is already rolled and tied and is ready to ship or have someone pick it up “as is.” Most often these bound carpet rolls will list what type, width and length attached or marked for purchase along with the price. boundcarpetremnants

Since these are just that, remnants, sometimes the price can be negotiated. We stress that may be the case, but not always. It just depends on where you purchase and the amount they have laying around. More often then not, they’ll have the bound remnants separated by quality or quantity with the older and less desired or odd shapes costing less than the more expensive stuff. It’s best to look for bound carpet remnants as a solution when you’re not needed something immediate. It may take time to find the texture, size, pattern, or type of fiber you need. Just like full carpet prices, wool fiber will run more than synthetic fibers. But you may still be able to get great prices on remnants of high quality.

Due to the weight, discount and bound carpet remnants may still be somewhat expensive due to shipping costs. But don’t let that sway your decision to search around the web. As stated earlier, remnants are stuff left over and many carpet suppliers are anxious to get them out the door. You may be able to find cheap or even free shipping if you look around long enough.

Your diligence in looking for the right remnants of carpet will surely pay off. Taking the time to search and find what you want in regards to styles and textures will ensure that you get exactly what you want at an affordable price. Many people don’t realize the amount of remnants out there and the availability they have in providing them great carpeting solutions.  So whether you’re looking for discount carpet remnants, or even higher end carpet such as wool to finish up a basement or workout area, more than likely, you can find it as left over bound carpet remnants.

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